Smog the cat

Animals can be wonderful companions and we love them. However, sometimes our relationship with them comes under strain. Many people living with difficult pets are not aware that their lives could be made so much easier. Issues such as:

  • aggression
  • excessive vocalisations
  • toileting
  • destructiveness
  • car travel stress
  • chasing
  • sound phobias
  • general control name but a few, can all be resolved. Life can be rewarding, with little stress for both pet and owner. 4-Legs-Good provides specialist advice and offers kind, reward-based solutions to these and other animal behaviour problems in a range of pets, including dogs, cats, rodents and birds.

With over 10 years of experience and exceptional qualifications, 4-Legs-Good counsels clients in and around the Midlands, UK. Based out of Shrewsbury, we have helped hundreds of pets and their owners living in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford, Stoke-on-Trent and Telford, but also in other parts of Shropshire, the Welsh Borders and the West Midlands.

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Penny the Bavarian HoundI've been working really hard with Penny, and at the Mid County Championships yesterday, she qualified for Crufts. She behaved beautifully and was an absolute angel.



Thanks for your kind comments. My cats now bring me a lot of joy!

Oskar Fletcher, a German short-haired pointer
A multitude of issues, not least the lack of social exposure early on in Oskar’s life necessitated our consultation with Claire. She reviewed each topic in a comprehensive report, producing an action plan for each area of concern. Although I felt daunted by the range of issues to be addressed, I knew that Claire’s advice was sound and practical. I am so grateful for the support she has given, and so positive with our achievement to date.


Things are definitely on the up, Murray's a joy! He's walking twice a day, eating really well and we're able to leave him for a couple of hours at a time without coming home to a bomb site - he's taking quite a liking to chewing cardboard, but only when it's given, so all good there!

We took your advice and enrolled him into doggy day care - he goes once a week and runs round all day, then is ever so calm for the following 1 or 2!

I think it's probably a mixture of the 4Cs, day care and a lot of persistence, but he's turning into a really lovely young dog, bless him!

I hope all's going well with you, we couldn't have got to this point without you!

Rhiannon Wilkinson


Lola and Ruby as puppies 

Our Bulldogs were fighting on sight.  We didn’t know what to do and 4-Legs-Good’s advice has been invaluable. We are very pleased with the progress they are making - they can now be in the same room (supervised!).  There are definite steps in the right direction and it’s still early days.

dog and catI am a registered veterinary nurse and have contacted yourselves several times over the past few years organising referrals for clients, I have been greatly impressed at how helpful you all always are and I have always received great client feedback about you.

Maggie and AlfieClaire’s visit has changed our lives!  The dogs are barking much less!

Hattie McCormick and friends

Just thought you'd like to know that Hattie now has many new friends - a changed dog!

Satch Brandrick
Satch had a serious aggression problem. I used to liken his teeth with a Ghurka’s knife – once drawn they have to fetch blood! Claire explained to us why he was behaving in this way and has helped us predict and manage his behaviour to keep ourselves safe. We now know exactly where the boundaries must be maintained and Satch is happier and less frustrated as a result.

Joe and Jake McDonald  

I have two boy Jack Russell crosses from the same litter, Jake and Joe. Apparently two pups from the same litter can be an extra special challenge and we were starting to get into a muddle! Claire came out to see us for three visits and the boys are so much better.  We have had to teach them to be independent of one another and work with each on their own.  They now walk well on the lead and are much better around the house and I feel that I know what to do.

3 springer spaniels 

Got my new harnesses on Saturday, thank you. Using a traditional 'no pull' back harness was a waste of time for my two springers. I was pulled along like a sled driver, the two of them like heat-seeking missiles with noses down and tails wagging. We used the harnesses all weekend and they took to them straight away, but this morning was the first time out on my own with all three dogs. What a difference!

HarveyEven whilst Claire was here, she was able to stop Harvey barking at dogs passing the window. This has continued and we haven’t actually needed to cover our window, which we really didn’t want to do.  Harvey is also better out on walks, he responds really well to the squeaky ball and he seems calmer in general.  We would have paid twice for this result!

Beagle portrait

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you very much for the Sensation Harness. It is AMAZING!!! We have probably tried every conceivable lead and harness on the market to stop our 2 year old beagle Daisy from pulling, all to no avail.

Albert, Archie and Bastion 

We are a Danish couple, living just outside Copenhagen with three wonderful male dogs, Archie 6 years old, Albert 4 years old and Bastian 11 months. As Bastian was turning into a male Albert started growling at him and one day he attacked him. This happened once more and we were afraid that they would hurt each other and afraid that they would never be able to enjoy each others company again.

Elsie the Wheaten Terrier

The Sens-ATION harness I purchased from you has worked first time, well worth every penny, and the first time I have actually 'enjoyed' taking Elsie for a walk!


We have been putting into practice what we learnt and now feel brave enough to take our dog our in public! We went to a "safe" place where we knew all dogs would be on lead.  Our dog's reaction was interesting, no pulling with the new harness! When we met another dog he look at the dog then straight at me! So pleased!

Benson Owen, a boxer
I first met Claire in April 2011, I was having problems with my 3 year old boxer dog, Benson, he had always been very lively and had never really had an opportunity to mix with other dogs. As he was getting older he was becoming stronger and harder to handle so I turned to Claire for help. She visited us at home and Benson took to her immediately.

Bobby RaeBobby Rae is wonderful with people but not so keen on other cats. Claire was very through and professional. Her expertise really helped us with ways to deal with Bobby Rae’s aggression. We are very grateful, as is our other cat Albert.

Claude Neilson, stretched out fluffy cat
Shortly after I left him (well cared for) to go on a week’s holiday, Claude began to over-groom resulting in a very bald tail on a very fluffy cat. He also managed to eat holes in two cashmere jumpers! Claire’s approach was straightforward and practical and between us we managed to sort out Claude’s behaviour and help him have less reliance on me. I now have a lovely affectionate confident cat with a tail that looks like it belongs to him.

LottieBefore Claire’s visit we couldn’t get Lottie to go for a walk, in fact we could barely get her to go in the garden.  Lottie was so frightened of noises that she spent most of the time under the bed!  The other day it was really sunny and I sat in the garden with Lottie asleep beside me despite the sound  of lawn mowers and children playing in the background – I almost cried!   Although Lottie is still reluctant to go for a walk she is significantly better than before Claire’s visit.  We are very happy!

Tinker and Bonnie Leonard, black and tabby cats
We cannot thank you enough for your help with Tinker and her 'vertical scratching' problem. Since your visit last month and implementing your suggestions, she has settled down wonderfully and is now her old self. 

Wilbur and BinkieClaire’s advice made sense and reassured us that there was something to be concerned about.  Claire offered practical solutions.  It’s early days and we have only instituted some of Claire’s suggestions, but already there is less conflict.

 Shadow Rushton

I have had Shadow 5 months now - he was so shy and nervous he was stuck in rescue kennels for over 6 months. He was very jumpy when out and about and wanted to race off after cars a lot. Claire helped me understand what made him anxious and how to interest and calm him. He really loves food treats so loves training with food rewards.


It was so lovely to meet you guys! Thank you so much for your help, you have such a kind attitude and have plenty of time for people! We have been practicing the exercise you taught us and hey presto!!


There is no better feeling than seeing her choose to play with her ball rather than bark at another dog!

Daisy Brazier, black cocker spaniel
It was lovely to meet you, we both found your time with us very informative and the advice and ideas you gave us very helpful. Just to let you know how Daisy is progressing.  The walking to heel is coming on fine the harness along with the treats its getting a pleasure to take her for a walk.  She has stopped jumping up when Pat takes her for a walk and also when she meets other people when we are out.

Rudy and Coco Lycett, collie-labrador crosses.At 7 months old, Labrador/Collie cross brother and sister, Rudy and Coco were exhibiting some anti-social tendencies and had a few other behaviour issues. Coco yapped when out and about, pulled on her lead and often refused to come when called. She was also nervous of traffic. Rudy was becoming increasingly aggressive towards other dogs, making taking them out a far from relaxing experience!


Since January we have been able to do proper walks. Bailey is a different dog. We can let her off-lead with dogs in the background and she will happily play with her ball. I can put her in a down-stay while people walk past and she will stay where she is, to the extent that yesterday I had a conversation with somebody who she has barked at before now and she lay down and waited until we moved on. 


We are very happy with 4-Legs-Good's advice.  Barney is much calmer and more settled and so are we!

Max Shutes chocolate labrador
Getting on really well with the whistle recall and clicker training. The harness is excellent and he’s responding well to the treats. All the information in the report was fine and easy to understand. He hasn’t shown any aggression of any form since you came so that’s excellent.

Bobby Smith, border collie
Bobby is an 8 year old Border Collie who is very sensitive to noise. As well as fireworks and bird scarers he really doesn’t like the sounds our neighbours make moving around upstairs. Claire, our vets and ourselves have worked closely together and whilst Bobby is still not 100% he is much, much happier - and safer too.

Lucca the boxer-lab crossWhen Lucca's Sense-ible harness at last wore out, I couldn't manage without it for even a day. I have found the Sense-ible harness so effect, both to manage Lucca on a lead, but also to calm him.  Your guidance has been invaluable.

Black labrador puppy, Polly Gough
4-Legs-Good was an excellent start for me and my new puppy. She was only 10 weeks old and needed to start learning some manners. She socialised with the other puppies and I learnt lots of training techniques to use at home.

BramblesI have and will continue to recommend 4-Legs-Good any animal owner's who need support and guidance. Claire and Zoe have been so helpful in sorting out my rescued loopy lurcher's nervousness and socialising problems. I trust them both: what they don't know about animals is not worth knowing. Their calmness and reassuring manner transfers to both dogs and owners.